Our Staff

Rev. Ryan Drevlow, Senior Pastor

Pastor Ryan Drevlow leads our congregation, and is active across all of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, especially the Brass Choir and Guys Garage: ORLC Men’s Club.

Amanda Korthase, Deaconess

Amanda recently has come to Our Redeemer, being commissioned and installed as Deaconess on August 8, 2021.

Amanda shares the following:
“I never imagined that I would become a deaconess. Until my pastor mentioned the possibility, I did not know
such a thing existed. Thanks be to God that it was introduced to me. I have always enjoyed serving others, but I did not
think it would become my career. The time I spent serving my home congregation was some of the best times and
greatest challenges I have faced. From the experience in my home congregation and my time at Seminary, I have
gained knowledge that will last a lifetime.
I tend to be shy until you get to know me. I am more comfortable in one-on-one or small group situations, but
I am able to take charge when I am in the leadership position. In large groups I am more reserved and quiet. Once I
am comfortable in my environment, I am able to thrive and accomplish the tasks at hand. I am organized, which is
beneficial when it comes to planning events and making sure things are going as smoothly as possibly.
My internship experience has been a different one due to COVID, but I have enjoyed serving the people at St.
John’s. I have been learning to be flexible and creative as things are constantly changing. It is hard to not get
discouraged when things cannot happen as planned, but God is in control. I have been able to attend webinars, read
materials, and research resources that will better help me serve as a deaconess.
God has blessed me with wonderful opportunities. I anticipate that He has great things in store for my life as a
deaconess. I look forward to serving Him and His people. I am excited to be part of a congregation and use the skills I
have gained to serve God’s people as their deaconess.”